Mack Swayze is a hip hop recording artist from Brooklyn, NY who specializes in songwriting. His versatility makes him a unique artist in the music industry with his clever lyrics and unorthodox flow. He also tends to implement his real life into his rhymes giving you the real him.

Mack has released two collaboration mixtapes as AMB with label mate Tro Gawd: About My Business & 93 ‘Til Forever. The singles “Flip the Script” and “BK Rumble”, both produced by James Polo, have received much recognition. He has performed with Nitro at several venues in their hometown of New York City. His most significant performance came at the well-known venue S.O.B.’s in June of 2014 where he won second place in the “Faces in the Crowd” showcase.

Mack has plans to become one of the best hip hop artist in the game. He also aspires to be mentioned with the hip hop greats. He wants to become a well-respected businessman in the future. He plans to one day start a clothing company and compete with the major fashion designers around the world.

Mack Swayze is soaking up every bit of information he comes across about the music industry with the help of his producer and close friend J.R. McFly, who has studied the game for quite some time now. He is out there every day, pushing his music and trying to get his name out while getting positive feedback from various hip hop fans & A&R’s. This Musical Mercenaries artist is determined to make his dream a reality.

His newest singles - What You Know and Softly featuring Tro Gawd - are now streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal.