J.R. Bello, aka J.R. McFly, is the founder of Musical Mercenaries Inc. (M.M. Inc.) He is from Brooklyn, NY. He is known for his Kanye-esque soul beats. He manages all of the artists signed to M.M. Inc. He also provides all of them with content creation (music videos, photo shoots, graphic designs, etc.) 

J.R. is a graduate from York College of Pennsylvania (Class of ’15). He majored in Mass Communications with a minor in Music Industry/Recording Technology. This major/minor combo provided him with the audio/video production knowledge necessary to create content for all of his artists. He has extensive experience working with Avid Pro Tools, FL Studios, Adobe Premiere Pro & Adobe Photoshop.

McFly works with his artists very closely. He always makes sure that they have what they need to succeed at an indie level. He pushes them to work and stay focused so that one day, they can achieve mainstream fame.

J.R. continues to scout for new artists in order to bring more talent to the label. His dream is to one day be a music mogul, just like Puff Daddy and Jay Z. From there he would like to expand into the movie industry and the food industry. Until then, he and M.M. Inc. have big plans for the future, including expanding into new genres, developing clothing lines, filming music videos and continuing to make great music.