James Mendez, aka James Polo, is a hip hop/R&B producer and DJ from Brooklyn, NY who specializes in the 90’s boom bap style of hip hop. He incorporates samples from all genres of music. One thing about Polo that is significant is that he believes his beats should be FUNKY. He brings in that old school flavor and mixes it with a little bit of that new school kick. He just wants to bring the “funk” back to hip hop.

James Polo is a music lover of all sorts. However, he has always had a knack for the hip hop classics. During his adolescent years, he always walked around with a Walkman/CD player bumping artists such as Big Daddy Kane. Musicians like James Brown, Quincy Jones and Marvin Gaye are reason why Polo even began producing hip hop in the first place.

He first started messing with beats around 2009-2010 in high school and started collecting records/vinyl. As his collection grew, he kept working. He began to master the Akai MPC 2000XL sampler and started putting together gritty, grungy and grimy beats. He has experience and knowledge working with the Akai MPC, EMU SP1200, and Native Instruments Maschine. Tracks like “Summer in the City” and “Act Like You Know” are some of his earlier beats that soon became singles by M.M. Inc.’s very own, AMB (Mack Swayze and Tro Gawd).

James Polo’s future plan is to make a name for himself in the music industry as one of the best producers to ever touch a drum machine. He hopes to one day produce for some of the greats like Jay Z, Nas, 50 Cent, Fabolous, etc. He has a high passion for producing and will always and forevermore remain FUNKY!