What started as a group of high school friends making music for each other has quickly become a respectable record label representing four artists, two producers and one DJ.

Producer, J.R. McFly founded Musical Mercenaries Incorporated (M.M. Inc.) in November 2010 to support his friends’ budding music careers. The label currently specializes in hip-hop, R&B and pop music as it continues to add new artists to its roster.

The label’s first release, A New Breed featured 30 different artists on one tape. Artists at M.M. Inc. continue to record original mixtapes and singles, each more unique than the last. 

M.M. Inc. has big plans for the future, including expanding into new genres, developing clothing lines, filming music videos and continuing to make great music.

All music from M.M. Inc. is available for free on for your listening enjoyment.

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