Abbey Wood is a singer, songwriter, and musician based in New York City. She has played multiple instruments at a young age such as guitar, violin and the flute.

She performed in various orchestras and showcases over several years. However, at age 15, she was interested in singing and writing her own songs. Her eclectic taste in music led her to be the vocalist of the heavy metal band Crowcell.

She then ventured into a solo career in alternative pop music. Her influences include 30 seconds to mars, Halsey, Bring Me The Horizon, Sade, Lorde, and Daughter.

Abbey is currently working on more original music for an upcoming EP. She continues to collaborate with other artists on the label such as Mack Swayze, Nitro and Joe Roc.

She is currently has a single out called "The Campbell Apartment”. It is  available now on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and other music platforms.